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In The News
Representative Clients
Below are several present and former Levin Firm clients and individual contacts who are happy to speak with you about their experience as a client of the Levin Firm.
Ben DeKoven PhD
(408) 421-5497
Chief Scientist
X-Lubes, Inc.
Los Gatos, CA
Magnetic Storage Lubricants
Jass Singh
(925) 443-5100
Founder, Chief Technology Officer
Beyond Innovation, Inc.
Livermore, CA
Software Engineering and Support
Jeff Black
(650) 400-2994
Founder/Former VP
iAtlas/Alta Vista Company
Palo Alto, CA
Internet Search
Dave Knudson
(650) 941-2150
Los Altos, CA
Real Estate Developer
Dennis Hollars
(408) 456-5708
Chief Technology Officer
SciVac/Optcom Inc.
San Jose, CA
Magnetic Coatings/Fiber Optics
Ken Poteet
(408) 855-6733
Former President, CEO
Genesis Semiconductor, Inc.
San Jose, CA
Memory Chip Design
Opposing Counsel
In addition, we invite you to contact these attorneys whom we have opposed and ask them about the Levin Law Firm's reputation for competence and integrity.
David M. Lisi
(650) 463-8169
Howrey LLP
Menlo Park, CA

Robert M. Kaplan
(415) 398-8080
Jeffer Mangles LLP
San Francisco, CA
William C. Lewis
(650) 322-3300
Palo Alto, CA